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All Star Moving Service in San Francisco Bay Area

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email: allstarmovingservice@gmail.com

Please Call Us



email: allstarmovingservice@gmail.com

Welcome to all star moving service.

We are licensed with State of California Public
Utilities Commission (CAL P.U.C. T-190362)

We are fully insured.

$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance;
$750,000 Auto Insurance;
$1,000,000 Workers Comp Insurance;
$20,000 cargo insurance.

We are dedicated

Careful, experienced and trustworthy professional movers.
We try hard to keep your moving costs lower.
We care your moving, no job is too big or too small.

All star moving service is a family owned and operated full-service moving company with many years of experience serving the Bay Area.
we at All star moving service can help all or part of it. Here are a few reasons why:

*We are licensed with State of California Public Utilities Commission.
*We are fully insured:
*$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance.
*$750,000 Auto Insurance.
*$1,000,000 Workers Comp Insurance.
*$20,000 cargo insurance.

We are dedicated, careful, experienced and trustworthy professional movers. We try hard to keep your moving costs lower. We care your moving, no job is too big or too small. All star moving serve the whole San Francisco Bay Area with great care and expertise. We do things right and provide our customers with outstanding services at an affordable price. We are an honest, dependable local moving company.

Our service

Full services include: Apartment, Home, Office, and Piano moving. Packing and unpacking , Free use Furniture pieces and fine stuff are protected by blankets and shrink-wrap . Free use of wardrobe boxes. Disassembling furnishings that necessitate disassembly prior to your move including washers, dryers and bed frames, etc.
Reassembling furniture and appliances as requested. Loading and unloading rental trucks or overseas containers. Delivery of furniture and palliated goods. Time starts at your door and ends upon completion of your move. no extra fee for taxes , stairs and mileage.


the company shall self-insure the clients for any loss or damage of 60 cents per pound. the maximum limitation of the insurance shall be the total amount charged for the moving. Should the customer elect at his own option to purchase added insurance any claims made thereon must be made at the time of delivery, and if not made at that time, the customer shall be without remedies thereafter.

Moving Tips

Fragile Items

For dishes and breakables, it is a good idea to pad the bottom, top and sides of the boxes with wadded up bunches of bubble wrap or newspaper. This helps prevent shifting. The steadier the box, the less the risk of damage. Each item should be wrapped separately with newspaper or packing paper. Wrap bundles of flatware together in a group of 3 or 4 but place a few layers of paper between each piece.


Clear out all of your dresser drawers and put hanging clothes in a wardrobe box. You can use the bottom of the wardrobe box for shoes.


When it comes to your pictures or paintings, make sure you box them. That way you know that they are protected and packed properly.


If possible, pack electronics in the original boxes. If you do not have the original box, pack them with plenty of bubble wrap and make sure you use the right size box. Code wiring with tape for easier installation and set up. Fasten down the tone arm and dust cover on your stereo. Back up important files on your computer. “Park” the hard disk (program often included on diagnostics diskette.)

Useful Tips

Tape the top and bottom of every box when the box is full. Run two strips of tape along the side and one strip down the center.
Use small boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lightweight, bulky items.
Wrap small and/or fragile items individually.
Pad the top, bottom and sides of boxes with paper. This helps prevents shifting and possible damage.
To help avoid boxes being crushed when stacked, pack each box until it is full.
For boxes with fragile items, stuff them with wads of paper. Do not over pack, but pack them tight enough that when you shake the box, the contents do not move.
To make things easier on you, number each box and make a list showing what is in each one. This makes the unpacking process a lot easier.
Create a thorough inventory of all your property.


Money, valuable papers, jewelry and other securities should be kept with you at all times. You may also prefer to keep these items in a safety deposit box.
Anything flammable such as aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, etc. cannot be packed or hauled. Anything that is perishable such as frozen foods, produce, meats, plants, etc. should be kept with you or thrown away.

On the day of your move:

For your safety, do not enter ramp / back of truck.
Personal presence: Stay present during move and keep your cell phone handy. Find a designated safe place for children and pets to keep them out of danger.
Safety over speed: Please do not rush or pressure movers. This may result in dangerous or unprofessional work environment.
Do a final walk-through: Check that nothing was missed / forgotten before movers depart.


Small Box (1.5 cu. ft.) 16”x12.5”x12.5” – $5.00 per box

Medium Box (3.0 cu. ft.) 18.5”x 18”x 16” – $6.00 per box

large Box (4.5 cu. ft.) 24” x 18.5” x 18” – $7.00 per box

Wardrobe Box (20″ wide) – $30.00 per box

Mirror Pack Universal (large) – $30.00 per pack

Mattress Bag – – $30.00 each x

Packing paper – $30.00 per roll

Blanket – $30.00 per pad

Shrink Wrap 18” x 1500 – $30.00 Per Roll

Tape (clear, 2″x 55′) – $5.00 per each

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